Specializes in customizing all-process coherent processing projects, from preparation and tool preparation, to in-plant lathe programming and fixture manufacturing, and in-plant milling program design and milling mold design and manufacturing, and accepting small batch production, CNC lathe, milling machine processing Completed once in the Yi-Chang factory, shortening the process and delivery time for customers, avoiding blind spots in machining processes between lathes and milling machines. Not only the quality is good, the time management is convenient; the control processing process is also more convenient, saving more cost and time, from ordering, product processing to finished product, the Yi-Chang precision machine can meet your needs once completed.

We strictly control the production line and inspection equipment, professionally, accurately and efficiently, prepare the manufacturing procedures of each workpiece, establish standard processes, and self-improve the production of various products.

If you are looking for a partner that can improve your quality and reduce your total cost, please let us know each other and believe that Yi-Chang is your partner. Assist customers in researching solutions, on-time delivery times and improving quality requirements. Set goals to reduce costs and let the company grow to create a win-win situation.